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Sculpture bust of Rafael Romero Barros Audiodescription.

Sculpture bust of Rafael Romero Barros

Juan Cristóbal González de Quesada sculpted this bust of Rafael Romero Barros, the father of Julio Romero de Torres, in 1925 for the Museum of Fine Arts in Córdoba. It was donated to the museum by the family of Romero de Torres. Juan Cristóbal studied in Granada, but later he went to Madrid where he specialized in monumental sculpture, the type of sculpture in which he worked until his death.
His great friendship that he shared with Romero de Torres encouraged him to create this bronze and pink marble sculpture that was inaugurated in 1926.Sculpture of Romero Barros, facing the viewer, round face, peaceful features with high cheek bones, his eyes, eye-lids and eye-brows perfectly outlined. Thin nose, and well-groomed moustache and gotee. His wavy short hair is parted in the middle; it makes two symmetrical parts on his head.
The inscription on the bust base of Rafael Romero Barros reads as follows:
“To the memory of this illustrious patrician, who completely devoted his life to the promotion of the artistic culture in Córdoba, founding its glorious provincial School of Fine Arts, creating the archaeological museum and enriching the art museum. He also directed the centers established in this building. Born in Moguer on May 8th 1832 and died in Córdoba the 1st of December, 1895.”

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