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Andalusian Folk Music

The painter deals with the subject of the “Copla,” a kind of Andalusian folk music, as a natural expression of sadness and happiness. The painter used an expressive and lively formula to create his works. Romero de Torres was a big fan of flamenco music, he particularly likes the copla. Due to this fact, he could transmit this passion through in his paintings. He reflected the mysticism of this folk music is in his canvases. This explains the love of the inhabitants of Cordoba for the artist. Rarely the people identify with an artist.
This canvas is one of his best symbolic works and constitutes a magnificent portrait. The artist transformed the copla into tangible reality with delicate and exact lines. The painter made a painting in which the Andalusian folk takes the leading role. Thus music represents a passionate and complex valve through which the most intimate part of the human soul escapes.
Romero de Torres uses Andalusian motifs to represent the female figure of this work. The dark-haired woman with a bun, holds a guitar that symbolizes the Andalusian Lyriscim. The guitar is also greatest exponent of Flamenco music. The woman is wearing a red shawl that shows one of her shoulders. On her legs, covered in silk pantyhose and kept up by black straps, the shine of a blade symbolizes a tragedy. In the background of this work appears a landscape inspired by the sunset of Córdoba

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