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About us

Cordoba's City Hall would like to facilitate the access to the content present in the Julio Romero de Torres, Baths of the Caliphate Castle and Alcazar of The Christian Monarchs museums to everybody, regardless their age, capacity or technology access, etc. The chosen technical solution is innovative and allows a simple access from several devices to the culture.

This website is the result of such technology and has been designed taking into account the Good and Universal Design Principles. Its aim is excellence and clarity in contents and interfaces. Any person, with or without special needs should be able to make a virtual visit to the halls, paintings, and historical contents of these museums. There will be alternative formats, such as sign-language videos, subtitles and audio-descriptions provided.

If you also wish to visit these museums in person, you will be able to access a mobile device with a touch screen: the GVAM guide. Contents are transferred in context to your location thanks to and innovative sensor system in the halls. As in the web, these guide-devices and their content are adapted for people with and without special needs. These accessibility resources are voiceovers, browsing system, audio-descriptions, magnifier, high contrast, and also sign-language videos, subtitles and virtual alerts.

Museum Julio romero de torres. Square Potro 1, 14002 Córdoba

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